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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fresh Strawberry Cake with a Chocolate Winnie

Did a birthday cake for a one year old birthday party. Unfortunately, birthday girl was on the eve of her birthday and had to cancel her celebration. Nevertheless, I decided to continue with my initial design:
-- A strawberry fresh cream cake with a chocolate Winnie!

Hand piped Chocolate Winnie figure

Jael’s Birthday

Did a raspberry mousse cake for Jael’s birthday… Wanted to try something different from my usual chocolate and strawberry collection…so did up this sweet and sour combination. Loved the way how the sourness compliments the sweet texture…a feeling of sweetness yet light… J

Party @ Child Care

Did an extra large mango mousse cake for her school…it was enough to feed the whole school with everyone asking for multiple servings! Haha..the teachers were as happy as the kids…asking for more servings! It always brightens my day when young and old polish off my cakes!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Precious Joy’s Birthday Collection

Was so busy this month doing my precious daughter’s birthday cake series…had 3 celebrations: 1 each with each family and the last one at her childcare…the kids preferred the mango mousse over the raspberry while the adults prefer the latter..guess kids love sweet stuff afterall..

Version 101: Simple Mango Mousse with mickey mouse topper:

Version 102: Raspberry Mousse cake with Sesame Street Toppers:

Version 103: Big Mango Mousse Cake with Sesame Street & Mickey Mouse Toppers @ Childcare:

Grandma's Birthday Cake

Recently did a strawberry fresh cream cake for Yenling’s Grandma’s birthday party. My first time using fondant to do the peaches…usually I’m quite against using fondant excessively on the cake as I feel that its usually too sweet to eat and people usually throw that away..but because Yenling specifically requested for less cream, I thought maybe two cute peaches would be good as a decorative item..simple yet nice. Quite a good experience overall… and they were happy with it!