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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Joshua Birthday cake

Did a simple chocolate fudge cake for Joshua's 13th Birthday. His mummy requested for something simple and not as "cute" as my usual cakes. I hope they like it. =)

Precious Natalie Birthday cake

Did this cake with a pretty unique theme - Tinklebell and her fellow fairy friends...  Mummy Angeline was referred by Mummy Jessie who saw some of my initial designs and like them. I'm very thankful that both Mummies gave me a lot of freedom to design the cake. I hope Natalie likes her fairies cake. Its a fresh cream with strawberry filling.

Baby Elixir Birthday cake

Did a figurine 1 fresh cream with strawberry filling cake quite some time ago. Mummy Daphne wanted a Pooh theme for her precious son, Elixir and chose this "Surprise Pooh" topper. I like this topper coz its quite cute when Pooh pops out of the honey jar..hehe..hope they like the cake!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ayden Ben10 birthday cake

This is a chocolate fudge cake for Dear Ayden who wanted a Ben 10 theme. Mummy Stephanie suggested adding a penguin to the cake as Ayden is a fan of Happy Feet. I thank God that I'm able to find this small penguin figurine in time coz penguin figurines are really not that popular in SG..hehe.. She also ordered 1 mango mousse cake for Ayden's Grandmum cake a few days ago. I hope they like both creations.

Yi Zhe Mcqueen Cars birthday

Did this also a few days ago, also for a childcare party. Have quite a number of childcare parties this week.. anyway, Mummy Ann wanted a Thomas Train and Mcqueen cars theme. She provided the Mcqueen cars as they were Yi Zhe's existing toys. It is a fresh cream with strawberry filling cake, with Thomas train zooming around the cake. hehe..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Birthday cake for grandmum

Did this mango mousse cake a few days ago for an Ah-ma's 63th birthday. I made 2 peaches as well as a sign of longevity. Hope the family likes the decorations. =)

Baby Aidan Birthday cake

This was done super super long ago..that I almost couldnt recall who was it for...(alamak, muz be old age).. anyway, this was for baby aidan's 1st birthday party and Mummy Nicole wanted a Thomas train zooming around the cake...hmm, then why isnt there any train in the pic?? haha... coz silly me forgot to take a pic of it zooming around...anyway, i hope that they like it...yes, its a strawberry fresh cream 2 tier cake...

Princess Chloe birthday cake

Did this just today! Haha..decided to speed up all my posts so that I can enjoy myself tis weekend! haha.. anyway, this is for Princess Chloe at her childcare celebration... Been having quite a no. of celebrations at the childcare recently, and I really enjoy myself baking for all these kids.. looking at how their eyes brighten with amazement, also brighten up my day..hehe..

(Obsolete design) Princess Seycherlls castle cake

Did this princess cake last week..Mummy Evelyn had tried my cake at one of the birthday parties and wanted something nice for my precious princess. It's a fresh cream with strawberry filling and I really like doing princess castle cakes coz the birthday gals loved it!

Jonathan Super Mario Birthday cake

Did this Super Mario cake for Jonathan's 6th birthday party at his childcare recently. I had a hard time looking for this figurine as my previous supplier had no stocks. But luckily, I managed to find at some ulu place when I went to see my doc..haha.. anyway, it's a 2 kg mango mousse cake and Mummy Katherine also requested cookies for the kids as goodie bags. I hope everyone like it. =)

(Obsolete design) Princess Charlene birthday cake

Did this for my niece Charlene's 4th birthday. My cousin like the castle cake that I did previously and had ordered this way in advance for her precious princess. It's a chocolate fudge cake, decorated with small flowers on the sides.

Hong Yi Birthday Cake

Did this No.1 cake quite some time ago but didnt have the time to upload all the pics. Mummy Lynda wanted a Figurine 1 cake for her precious son, Hong Yi's first birthday party. She chose a fresh cream with strawberry filling cake.