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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Joy Birthday Part 3 - Toy Story cake

Just as you thought that would be all..this is the final part of her birthday celebration. She requested a Toy Story cake after watching Toy Story 3 a few weeks ago.. girls change their mind so easily.. anyway, the photo is taken at her school.. see how all the kids have grown since last year when we celebrated Joy's birthday. This is a 2 tier chocolate fudge cake coz Joy wanted a chocolate cake.

Joy Birthday Part 2 - Dibo cake

When our precious children wants something, as parents we willl always try to give.. and when our dear princess wanted a Dibo cake (despite requesting for a castle cake since last year..), of course we give lor..haha..the kids were even surprised with this cake coz its really not easy to find these set of toppers.. and Joy was so happy! I've forgotten the flavour of the cake..already.. sorry..

(Obsolete design) Joy Birthday Part 1 - Princess Castle cake

Finally.. the long awaited birthday celebration of my precious princess Joy is here.. did this over last weekend for her birthday party, our cellgroup and her childcare.. its all in 3 parts..enjoy! This first part is a princess castle cake (Fresh cream with mango filling), consisting of 3 tiers and made to feed 60 pax.. the children were all so happy with the gorgeous cake. In addition, I've also made 80 fruit tarts consisting of strawberry, peach and blueberry tarts.. coz they were a favourite at my Queen's party last mth and she requested them also at Joy's party.. so I've obliged with them..haha..

Princess Jessica Birthday cake

Did this about 2 weeks ago for Princess Jessica's birthday. Mummy Fiona wanted a princess castle cake, but unlike the usual castle cakes that I've baked before. She requested one, that's totally made of edible stuff... it was quite a challenge for me..coz the usual castle actually comes with accessories. Nevertheless, I managed to make the whole cake with just fresh cream, sponge, and the gate is actually white chocolate! Oh, but the figurines of coz are still figurines...i hope they like it..

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Zachary 1st birthday

Did this Figurine one cake last weekend and would have forgotten to post it if Mummy Rei didnt send me an email about her comments..hehe.. Anyway, it's a Winnie the Pooh cake and the flavour is fresh cream with mango fillings. I'm glad that they liked it!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Javen 1st Birthday Cake

Did a figurine 1 cake for Javen's 1st birthday celebration last week. Mummy Regine requested for the hugging Pooh topper. I hope they like it!

Ashley Baby Showers

Did an order for Ashley's full month celebration. Mummy Adeline requested for 6 of such cakes in 2 flavours: Mango Mousse and Strawberry Mousse cake. I hope they liked it!

Jonas 2nd Birthday cake

Did a figurine chocolate fudge cake for Jonas's 2nd birthday celebration at his childcare celebration. Mummy Grace had liked what I did for Ishir and requested for something similar. I'm glad that they liked it. Oh, and tis also happens to be my last Safari Mickey toppers. =)

Xin Hui 3rd birthday party


Did a figurine 3 birthday cake for Xin Hui's 3rd birthday at her school. Mummy Ming Lee requested for fresh cream with strawberry filling and also a Mickey mouse theme. I hope they like the cake!