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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eldon & Etzel Birthday cake

Did a 4kg 2 tier cake with 2 themes: Ben 10 & Thomas Train for precious Eldon & Etzel. Daddy Elvin had tried my cakes at one of his friend's party and like the fresh cream with strawberry fillings. He wanted something similar to the one I did for James and wanted a moving thomas train as well. I didnt manage to take a video of the the train but it is able to cruise around the cake as well as along the perimeters of the cake board. This is a much larger cake than my previous Thomas cake as it has multiple circuits. The kids were so hyper when they see it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Corporate Annual Dinner

Did a corporate D&D cake. Client wanted a big cake to commemorate their company's annual dinner and I did a fresh cream with strawberry filling. The perimeters of the cake were decorated with raspberries and piped with pinkish fresh cream. =) Client was very pleased with how it turned out.

Jessica's Hen Cake 2010

Did a unique theme last weekend. Jolene wanted a cake to celebrate Jessica's hen's party and wanted a very pinkish theme. She liked the wedding cake I did for Marcus & jaslyn and I did a small strawberry sweetie for the party, with many pink pink decorations. Hope the gals like it!

Jordan's Princess Cake

Did a fresh cream with strawberry filling for Mummy Linda's precious daughter. (it's a joint birthday celebration with Ryan). She actually wanted a mermaid theme but I couldnt find a mermaid topper in time and she's okie with a princess theme. Hope she likes it. =)

Ryan's Super Mario Birthday cake

This is a very interesting theme.. Mummy Linda wanted a Super mario for her precious son as it's his favourite character at the moment.. Had a hard time looking for this topper as it's not popular..but lucky i managed to find the toy at Changi Airport..hehe... this is a mango mousse cake as Mummy Linda liked my Mango mousse from the xmas collection