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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Zephan & Zachary Birthday cake

Did this birthday cake and 50 cupcakes for Zephan & Zachary's party. Mummy Felix wanted a Mickey theme and also wanted a WOW! cake... I did a 4kg fresh cream with strawberry filling. It is also a 2 tier cake, with the letter 'Z' resting on another layer of cake. As for the cupcakes, I did it in matching light yellow colours, decorating it with the Mickey pellets. i hope they like it!

Baby Gabriel !st Birthday cake

Did this for Baby Gabriel's 1st birthday party. Mummy Yuin Heng like what I did for her niece, Jenell's birthday and ordered this theme a few mths ago. Oh, this is a chocolate fudge with fresh cream.

Kate Birthday cake

Did this also quite a while ago.. its a chocolate fudge with fresh cream for Kate's 3rd birthday. Mummy Joy wanted a Minnie Mouse theme and I recommended this cute toy for her precious. I hope they like it!

Baby Quinn 1st Birthday cake

Did this chocolate fudge with chocolate coating for Quinn's 1st birthday. Mummy Sze Yeng wanted a sesame street theme and I hope they like it!

Darren & Keyon Ben 10 cake

Did a simple fresh cream with strawberry filling for 2 boys' birthday party. They wanted a Ben 10 theme and I hope they like this design!

Tyler birthday cake

This is also a cake that I did few weeks ago for Tyler's birthday celebration. Mummy Clare was referred by her sister whom had ordered from us before and particularly like our chocolate fudge with chocolate coating cakes. She also requested for a Thomas train theme. I hope they like it!

Baby Ezann 1st Birthday Cake

Did this cake a few weeks ago but didnt have the chance to post it cause there was some problems with the layout of my blog.. It's a 3kg figurine cake for Baby Ezann and the flavour was fresh cream with mango and strawberry filling. Mummy Serene wanted a Minnie Mouse topper and I managed to recommend this (limited stocks onlY) which I bought from UK a few weeks ago. I hope they like the cake!

35th Wedding Anniversary

Did a special cake for a couple's 35th wedding anniversary. I managed to find a pair of sweet Mickey & Minnie Mouse in wedding gowns! I hope they liked it!