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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Alaïa

This is a special figurine 1 cake then usual as Mummy Laurel wanted a 4 kg cake for her party. So its an elevated figurine 1 sitting on another cake base..hehe... She also requested several colours to be on the cake, which I managed to decorate it with flowers and mashmallows. She chose a unique flavour as well: fresh cream with strawberry and peach filling and I hope the guests manage to finish it up!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby Nicole birthday cake

Did a 3kg No.1 cake for Baby Nicole last week. Daddy Christopher was not very particular about the design and gave me a lot of free-play. It's a strawberry fresh cream cake with strawberry filling. Hope everyone like it!

Trio Birthday cake: Alexander, Amos & Justin

Did a 3-in-1 birthday cake for Mummy Xiao Xuan's party. She had ordered a cake previously for her precious Justin just 1 week ago and she liked it so she chose another flavour this time round. It's a fresh cream cake with strawberry filling. =)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yenling's Birthday

Did a mango mousse birthday cake for one of my Queen's clients before CNY. We did some simple decorations as I didnt want it to look too cute..hehe..hope that she like it.


Jael's one of my regular customer and she particularly like the mango mousse cake when she had it during the last xmas. So she ordered one of the mango mousse cake for her friend's birthday. I did some simple decorations on it using my mini toppers and small flowers around the circumferences of the cake.

Baby Justin

Did this before CNY but didnt have the pic. (Thank you for Mummy Xiaoxuan for emailing me). It's a chocolate fudge cake with a thomas theme.

Laura Minnie Birthday cake

Did a birthday cake for one of our CG's kids, Laura yesterday. She wanted a Minnie Mouse theme and had requested for Mango mousse cake..haha..i'm glad that she like it!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


This is a joint celebration for two boys : JOshua & CEdrick. Mummies Jaime & Selene wanted to try my chocolate fudge and strawberry fresh cream and requested to have two individual cakes so that the boys will be able to cut their own individual cakes, i guess. I HOpe everyone like it!


Mummy Delia wanted a figurine 1 cake for her precious's son 1st birthday. She wanted chocolate fudge as well but with a blue theme as well. The base of the cake is actually covered with blue fresh cream but I tink the pics and lighting reflected it to be lighter. The perimeters of the cake is decorated with little blue flowers on top of piped yellow fresh cream, while the surface of the cake is littered with many Mickey mouse pallets. The cute mickey & minnie toppers are provided by Mummy Delia. Really sorry that I made a typo in the name! It's supposed to be "Daniel" and not "Danial". Sorry!


Mummy Henny liked the cake I did for her precious's birthday party that she ordered another chocolate fudge on baby Alycia's actual birthday but with a different theme - Sesame street.


This is a simple 1 kg fresh cream with strawberry filing for Baby Ryan. Daddy Alvin wanted a Mickey mouse theme. I also decorated the cake with chocolate balls on the top and base of the cake. Hope they like it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Alycia

This must be my personal favourite design.. Mummy Henny wanted a chocolate fudge cake and prefers that she doesnt want any cream or mousse or banana..haha... which was a small headache for me coz choclate fudge cake has rough surface and is not presentable for decorations.. aiyo, in the end, i coated the cake with another layer of thin chocolate coating which (Thank God!) turns out well and smooth.. there are small flowers & marshmallows on the perimeters of the cake. Overall, I like it very much...hahah... and I know that they loved it too... cause they have already texted me before the end of the day. THanks!

Baby Niall Doraemon Birthday cake

Did a No.1 Figurine cake for Baby Niall. This flavour is different from my usual, as it's fresh cream with canned fruits & strawberries. I hope they like this flavour. Mummy Rena didnt have any theme in mind and I suggested using some of my own toppers as decorations. She chose Doraemon as it was her personal favourite. Haha.. hopefully she and the family like the cake!