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Monday, May 24, 2010

Grandmum 81st Birthday

Did a 2 tier mango mousse cake for Rena's grandmother's 81st birthday. Rena had ordered previously from us for her son  Kaael's birthday last year and loved our cakes since then. I hope they like the mango mousse too!

Baby Xavier 1st Birthday

Did a figurine 1 cake for Baby Xavier's birthday. The theme is Pooh as well and Mummy Yvonne chose this set of Pooh toys as the cake toppers. THe flavour is slightly different from the usual: It's vanilla sponge, with 1 layer of strawberry filling and another filling of mango filling. I also included one moo-topper coz she initially wanted a Moo - Moo theme but I cant find the toppers required. hope they like it!

Baby Ava Le-Ann 1st Birthday

Did a figurine 1 cake with a Pooh theme. Where's the Pooh? haha.. Mummy Tze Min wanted to use her Pooh candle so when I took pic for this cake, I have yet to see it...but juz imagine ah..hehe... its a 3 kg fresh cream with strawberry filling cake.

Thanks Mummy Tze Min for sending me the pic! Glad that you like it!

Kai Xuan birthday cake

Did a 1kg chocolate fudge cake with chocolate coating for Baby's Kai Xuan 1st birthday. Mummy Alice had seen one of my earlier designs and had wanted something similar and sweet for her princess birthday party. Hope they like it!

Valentine Birthday cake

Did a special theme over the weekend for Baby Valentine's 2nd birthday. I wouldn't have known about this cartoon series if Mummy Lien hadnt passed me the figurines she bought from overseas. The theme is "In the Night Garden". She requested for a strawberry sweetie and I decorated the cake as if it was in a garden with all the main characters. I hope they enjoyed the party!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Renee 7th birthday cake

Did a figurine cake for my niece, Renee's 7th birthday. She had wanted a castle cake initially, and I had honestly planned for one but 1 week before the party, my dear niece says her favourite characters now r Mickey and Minnie Mouse..hehe.. so i had to change the theme. Nevertheless, this cake is a no.7 cake specially for her and I hope she like the chocolate fudge cake. If anyone is keen to c her 6th birthday cake, which also happens to be one of my earlier creations, you can click here =)

Isaac Mcqueen Car birthday cake

Did a Mcqueen cars fresh cream with strawberry cake over the weekend for Baby Isaac's 2nd birthday. hope they like it!

Baby Cayla birthday cake

Did a chocolate fudge figurine 1 cake for Baby Cayla's birthday. Daddy requested for a chocolate cake with pink pink colours around the cake. hope they like it!

Baby Aedan birthday cake

Did a figurine 1 birthday cake for Baby Aedan. Mummy Aileen wanted a fresh cream with strawberry filling and wanted the pooh surprise topper. She had particularly like one of my previous creations for Baby Elix
I hope they like it!

Anson Birthday cake

Did a simple fresh cream with strawberry filling cake for Anson's 39th birthday. Hope he likes it!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Megan 1st Birthday

Did a Figurine 1 cake for Baby Megan. Mummy Sherine left most of the decoration to me, except that she wanted it to be as colourful and as pretty as possible. =) It's a 3kg fresh cream with strawberry and mango filling cake and I hope they like it!

Blandina Birthday cake

Did a Chocolate Abbie for my future sister-in-law's birthday. She didnt have much requirements, except that she wanted a rich chocolate cake, with bananas filling.. Its one of the cakes I did quite frequently for my immediate family as my MIL is also a fan of it.

Liam Birthday cake

Did a mango mousse cake for Mummy Lisa's 11 yr old son, Liam. It's a surprise party and I hope they like it!

Happy Mothers Day to Kesin's Mom!

Did a Mango Mousse heartshape cake for Ke Sin's mom last weekend.. She's a wonderful friend that I've known for several years and is now studying in Australia.. she called me a few days ago and requested a Mango Mousse cake for her beloved mom who likes mango cakes. I hope that the family likes it.

Mothers' Day Celebration

Did a 2 tier Strawberry Sweetie for Techer Joi's Mothers' Day Celebration. She told me that it was a big celebration for 9 mummies and I just wanted them to have a "wow" effect when they see the cake! Happy Mothers' Day to all the wonderful mummies!

Mothers' Day Special

Did a special order for one of my clients last week. She wanted to give a few of her clients a Mothers' Day Gift. I did 5 Chocolate Abbies, each with a box of chocolate chip cookies. I hope they liked it!

(Obsolete design) Princess Saajuna's Birthday

Did a princess castle cake for Princess Saajuna for her celebration party at her childcare. It's a 3kg fresh cream with strawberry filling cake and I hope she liked it!