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Friday, October 8, 2010

Chloe 1st Birthday cake

Did this mango fresh cream cake for Baby Chloe's 1st birthday. Mummy Jimnie wanted something special: She wanted a beach theme cake as the party was going to be held at the beach. So this is kinda my first beach creations. I hope they like it!

Jadyn Birthday cake

Did this princess cake for Jadyn's 4th birthday. Hope they liked it!

Aden Birthday cake

Did this strawberry fresh cream cake for Baby Aden's 1st birthday! Mummy Ann liked one of my previous creations for Baby Matthew and requested for something similar. I also added some Mickey pellets around the circumference of the cake. Hope they liked it!

Charlene Birthday cake

Did this 1 kg chocolate fudge with chocolate coating for Baby Charlene's 1st yr birthday. Aunt Baoyu wanted it for the princess birthday party and also requested for Hello Kitty as the theme. Hope they liked it!

Princess Megan Birthday cake

Did this strawberry fresh cream cake for Megan's 5th birthday. Mummy Cheryl is one of our church friends and had tried our cakes during one of the parties and like it. She was very kind in giving me the freedom to design the cake and I thank her for her trust in me. =)