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Monday, April 26, 2010

Alex birthday cake

Did a double theme for Alex's birthday. He wanted a Thomas train cum Ironman theme. Both are toys readily available from major dept stores and the thomas train zooms round the cake. hehe.. This is a mango mousse cake coz Mummy Grace had tasted my strawberry cakes at Seycherlls & Eldon & I didnt want the same crowd to taste the same flavour at every party..hehe.. But Thank You Mummy Grace for giving the freedom to plan and design everything.

(Obsolete design) Princess Natalie birthday cake

Did a princess castle cake for Princess Natalie's 8th birthday. It's a fresh cream with mango filling cake. Didnt manage to see the birthday girl when I delivered the cake but I hope she like it.

Alicia Birthday cake

Mummy Lisa wanted a Mickey mouse theme for her precious Alicia's birthday. She wanted a 'Minnie Ribbon' cake, in the sense that the cake is coloured in bright pink with white polka dots so I gave it a bright pink cream with white chocolate dots. The cake is fresh cream with strawberry filling. Thank you Lisa for your design!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Gregory 1st birthday

Did a Figurine 1 cake for Baby Gregory and 6 cupcakes for babies (but absent-minded me forgot to take pics of the cupcakes!) Mummy AK wanted a fresh cream with strawberry filling cake for her child's birthday party. Initially she wanted the Hugging Pooh topper but I had ran out of stock for that last mth and she chose this toy. I'm quite pleased with the overall effect. I hope that they like it too!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby Gabrielle 1st Birthday cake

Mummy Rachel wanted a Figurine 1 cake for her Baby Gabrielle. Initially she wanted a white glove on the cake but I dont think I can do it. So suggested to use this Mickey topper instead. The cake is decorated with sweet yellow flowers and the cake also has mini Mickey icing on the surface. Hope they like it!

Lucas & Kriscia Birthday cake

Mummy Jovia was referred by Baby kesler and wanted to do a joint birthday celebration for her 2 children, Lucas and Kriscia. She ordered a Chocolate fudge cake for Lucas with a Doraemon theme and a fresh cream with strawberry filling cake for her princess Kriscia. All the figurines were provided by the Mummy.

Sean & Joe Pokemon Stadium cake

Did a 2 kg chocolate fudge cake with chocolate coating for Sean & Joe. They wanted a Pokemon theme and Mummy Henny wanted a Pokemon Stadium to feature their figurines. The stadium was a huge headache for me coz firstly, I didnt know Pokemon had a stadium before this, and secondly, Mummy Henny (whom have ordered from me before) requested to have a chocolate coating. I'm very happy with the overall effect of the cake but I have to first declare that the stadium are all made of fondant, and that doesnt taste nice ah.. Thank you Mummy Henny for sending me the pic!

Belle Birthday Cake Part 3 - Princess Cake

Our dear Princess Belle's finale cake for her celebration party at home! - A 2 tier princess theme cake, in fresh cream with strawberry filling, decorated with flower mashmallows and flower icings on the perimeters of the cake. I also used the heart balloons to decorate on the cake. Some of the kids apparently love the butterfly icing more than the cake itself. I guess its an indication of their innocence bah.. How I wish I'm young again!

Belle Birthday cake Part 2 - Princess Cupcake

Princess Belle wanted a Cupcake theme for her birthday celebration at her school. Aiyo! It really created a big headache for me as I have never done any cupcake orders before.Praise God that day for helping me with the preparation, especially bcoz Joy had a super high fever the night before. I think I only zz for 2 hrs in the midst of preparing the cupcakes and taking care of Joy. Really Thank God for his grace. I'm very happy with the overall effect of the cupcakes. It had a princess theme as well and the cupcakes were swirled with pink fresh cream to give it a very girlish princess feeling..hehe..

Belle Birthday cake Part1 - Mini Princess Cake

Did a strawberry fresh cream cake for our cellgroup kids, Belle's 5th birthday. She wanted a Princess theme and coincedently, I used the Princess Belle topper as a decoration for her cake. A pity that the photos turned out to be darker than usual. Joy was supposed to be in the picture too! But she got tired of smiling and ran out..hehe.. anyway, these are my CG's princesses!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Janelle Birthday cake

Did a Figurine 1 fresh cream with strawberry filling for Baby Janelle. Mummy Sharlin wanted a Pooh theme and I did a pinkish sweet theme for her precious daughter. Hope they like the design. =)

Faegan birthday cake

Did a simple fresh cream with strawberry filling cake for one of my regulars, Bettina's relative. It's a Sesame street theme for Baby Faegan. They had a celebration at his childcare. =)

Tiffany Birthday

Did a Figurine 1 fresh cream with mango cake for Baby Tiffany. Mummy Carmen wanted a "Moo Moo" theme and Thank God that I managed to find this..hehe.. I hope they like the cake!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday cake for baby Keyan

Did these 2 cakes for Baby Keyan's birthday celebration quite some time ago but didnt have the time to post as my Queen and Princess Joy were sick for quite a while... anyway, Mummy Winnie wanted two cakes for Baby Keyan. The 1st cake is a Mcqueen cars theme in fresh cream with strawberry filling, while the 2nd one is a 3kg chocolate fudge cake in Thomas train theme. All the toys were provided by Mummy Winnie. Hope they like it. =)

Nigel Sesame street birthday cake

Did 2 cakes for Baby Nigel's birthday parties 2 weeks ago.. Daddy Weihao requested for Nigel's Chinese name "Yueze" for one of the cakes, which is fresh cream with strawberry filling while the other one is mango mousse cake. Hope they like it!

(Obsolete design) Princess cake for Faith

This is a Princess cake surprise party for Faith.. hehe.. I hope the gals had fun that day. Anyway, it's also a fresh cream with strawberry filling cake..

Baby Jayden 1st birthday cake

Mummy Cheryl wanted a special cake for her precious 1st birthday. Instead of the No.1 cake that I've baked before, she requested for a Letter "J", which I thought was quite special too... this is a chocolate fudge cake. Hope they like it!

Princess Natalie birthday cake

Did a single tier chocolate fudge princess cake for Natalie's actual day, a few days after the Fairies cake.. I'm so outdated with my posts! Hope they liked it.