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Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby Seth

This is a simple cake for Baby Seth 1st birthday. Mummy Grace wanted a winnie theme and she allowed me total control of the design. I'm quite pleased with the overall effect. I hope they are happy with it too!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Marcus & Jaslyn Wedding

Made a simple wedding cake for my Queen's good fren, Jaslyn. She needed a cake for the early tea ceremony and liked to have a strawberry sweetie. I gave her not 1, but 2 strawberry sweeties as a surprise! Hehe...hope she like it. And yes, Congratulations to your wedding again!

Baby Oliver

Mummy Serene had wanted to order a cake for Oliver's 1st birthday but I happened to be away during that period. She then suggested ordering one for Oliver's lunar birthday which happened to be Xmas eve (my busiest time), I squeezed a baking slot for her...hehe.. cause I really hope that they will be happy with it. Anyway, she requested for a chocolate fudge cake with my mini sesame street toppers and also a xmas theme. I really hope they like it..hehe..especially since not many pple has posted comments for my chocolate fudge.

Baby Ryan

Did this quite some time ago but didnt have the time to post..hehe.. anyway, mummy jacelyn requested for a fingurine "1" cake with a winnie theme. Yes, the flavour is fresh cream with strawberry filling.

Baby Zachary

Mummy Kathleen wanted a Barnyard theme for her precious Zachary's 1st birthday. Prior to this, I have not seen this cartoon before..hehe.. so thank you for providing the topper to me. Oh ya, tis is a 2 tier cake with two different flavours: The top tier is chocolate fudge and the bottom tier is fresh cream with strawberry filling cake. =)

Baby Javier

Mummy Jacqueline wanted a No. 1 cake for her precious Javier with a Mickey theme. This is a 2kg fresh cream with strawberry filling cake, with mini Mickey along the perimeters of the cake. Hope she like it.

Eugene & Siew Ling Wedding

Eugene wanted some light refreshments for his wedding tea ceremony. I did 2 kinds of miniature cakes for him: The strawberry fresh cream cake, with raspberry topping and a mango mousse. Hope they like it!

Customize Corporate Cake

Did some customization for my beloved Queen's xmas log cakes. She needed to send to her clients and suggested printing something unique to her only. So I printed xmas trees with her name on it...

Yi Ting Birthday

Did a princess theme strawberry fresh cream cake for one of Joy's school mates quite some time ago but didnt have the chance to post till now...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Collection 2009

-- Round Mango mousse cake weighs about 1kg.

-- strawberry log cake. Vanilla sponge with fresh cream in strawberry filling. One of the top favourite flavours!!

-- Chocolate fudge log cake. Oh, both log cakes weigh about 900gm each.

Dear all, sorry for the long awaited delay. Above are my xmas collection. =) All three cakes will be decorated with xmas figurines. Unlike last year where it's mostly plastic decorations, these year the majority of it will be using sugar figurines so that it will look cuter.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hannah Birthday 2

Precious Hannah also like Doraemon, so I made a 2nd one for her in this theme. I hope she likes it.

Hannah Birthday 1

Made 2 birthday cakes for my precious niece, Hannah, before I went for my trip. This is the first one, a princess theme for our princess Hannah.

Landy Birthday

Made a mango mousse cake with Snoopy theme. Simple and nice.