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Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby Ezra

Did a 2 tier mango fresh cream cake for baby Ezra's 1st birthday. The icing of baby Ezra was part of the party invite and provided by Mummy Felicia. I like the details of the flowers on the circumferences of the cake..but it was "heart" work trying to place all of them neatly. Haha..I really need to get a pair of new glasses..

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shan said...

Thank you so much for the painstaking work on the flowers! My guests commented it was very nicely done.

It was very, very tasty too! Not too sweet and light enough for me to have many, many rounds of it! Even the fresh cream was smooth and yummy! The mango filling was generous.

Definitely will be back for more! (even though there is no special occasions!)

Thanks again!