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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Collection 2009

-- Round Mango mousse cake weighs about 1kg.

-- strawberry log cake. Vanilla sponge with fresh cream in strawberry filling. One of the top favourite flavours!!

-- Chocolate fudge log cake. Oh, both log cakes weigh about 900gm each.

Dear all, sorry for the long awaited delay. Above are my xmas collection. =) All three cakes will be decorated with xmas figurines. Unlike last year where it's mostly plastic decorations, these year the majority of it will be using sugar figurines so that it will look cuter.

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Unknown said...

oooh I love the Mango cake! Thanks, it was really a great way to share the joy of Christmas with my colleagues. On behalf of the 9 beneficiaries of the cake, we thank Haven Bakery for yet another yummilicious creation!