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Sunday, February 7, 2010


This is a simple 1 kg fresh cream with strawberry filing for Baby Ryan. Daddy Alvin wanted a Mickey mouse theme. I also decorated the cake with chocolate balls on the top and base of the cake. Hope they like it!


Anonymous said...

Hi,i'm Ryan's mommy.. Tks alot for the Mickey Mouse cake.. My precious Ryan loves....D MICKEY MOUSE only! As for the cake,its DELICLIOS & the whole family loves it!! Frankly,its been a long long time i've tasted such good cakes.. And 1st time,i've tasted a cake that is,at last,tasted better than Lana's!! But your price is kinda steep.. oops..

Partyz Store said...

Hi ryan's mommy,

Thanks for your comments. Do note that there was a late charge for your cake as your hubz only called me 1 day before the party and I had to work to the wee hours for it as I already had a tight baking schedule that day. Hope you understd. Next time, do order in advance and it will be normal rates as others. Thanks again!