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Monday, July 26, 2010

Chloe Rei Birthday cake

Did a fresh cream with strawberry filling cake for Chloe Rei's 5th birthday celebration. This design concept is actually from Mummy Celia, who wanted the "Happy" candles to represent 5 yrs old.. and yes, its a fresh cream with strawberry filling. Hope they liked it!


Celia said...

Hi William,
Thanks for the tasty birthday cake for Chloe Rei. Her friends were like exclaiming "WOW !!!" when the box was opened. All were fascinated by the princesses on the cake especially the lighted up one. :)
Only thing that Chloe Rei was asking me "mummy,where is the flowers?"... ya.. the flowery mashmellows by the side of the cake. Fortunately, there are those princesses figurines, & the children are much more interested in that, so after which she did not ask anymore.
All in all, the birthday cake was really very nicely decorated and delicious. Those little kids are licking the paper plates even after they had finished eating.^^
Some of my friends also asked me about your cake after seeing the pics I posted on FB. I have given them your website.
I would really like to try other flavours of your cake in future. Hope there maybe some discount in my purchase :P

Partyz Store said...

Hi Celia,

of coz discounts will be given to repeat customers la.. glad that you like the cake! sorry for the mashmallows!