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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Babies James & Jade Birthday cake

This is a 2-in -1 fresh cream with strawberry filling cake for Kor Kor James and Baby Jade. Mummy Joyce wanted to incorporate both their birthdays together and requested that I do a Thomas Theme as it was James' favourite. She like what I did previously for Aidan whereby the Thomas train would be zooming round the cake. I also included a Barney theme on the top tier for Baby Jade. The kids loved it so much, and that's what matters after all. =) Thank you Mummy Joyce for sending me the video!

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Joyce said...

I must really thank William for a most memorable birthday cake for the two babies! All the children (and adults) at the party were fascinated by the innovative sight of Thomas whizzing round and round the cake. Had to stop James the older brother from playing with Thomas there and then and tipping him ONTO the cake. As per all the previous comments the quality of the cake itself was excellent and not too sweet. Thanks again for an excellent job done and God Bless!