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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sean & Joe Pokemon Stadium cake

Did a 2 kg chocolate fudge cake with chocolate coating for Sean & Joe. They wanted a Pokemon theme and Mummy Henny wanted a Pokemon Stadium to feature their figurines. The stadium was a huge headache for me coz firstly, I didnt know Pokemon had a stadium before this, and secondly, Mummy Henny (whom have ordered from me before) requested to have a chocolate coating. I'm very happy with the overall effect of the cake but I have to first declare that the stadium are all made of fondant, and that doesnt taste nice ah.. Thank you Mummy Henny for sending me the pic!

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Henny said...

Hi William,
Having 'Pokemon stadium' design in mind, we have accepted that the cake may be covered with creams (though we don't like creams at all), as it needs to have the different colours on the field.

So, I was pleasantly surprised that you were able to create the design with chocolate coatings and fondant instead. Though the fondant is sweet, some kids have extra sweet tooth and just luv it (especially on the pokemon ball fondant). The cake texture was soft, and chocolately too (yummy!)

We've added more Pokemons on the cake, and all the kids were thrilled to see the cake.

Thanks for making the 'impossible' possible for us :)