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Monday, May 10, 2010

Blandina Birthday cake

Did a Chocolate Abbie for my future sister-in-law's birthday. She didnt have much requirements, except that she wanted a rich chocolate cake, with bananas filling.. Its one of the cakes I did quite frequently for my immediate family as my MIL is also a fan of it.

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ASK said...

It might be a little Kelong for me to leave a comment on your cake but here goes...

Design was great with plenty of ppl asking where we bought this even before they ate the cake.

Taste wise, we like the rich choc with the banana in between. Great taste. Blandina had the following request to her guest, "Eh leave some cake for me in the fridge so I can eat them tomorrow. Don't finish it." =P

The only problem at the party was there weren't enough namecards to give out to all so we were like salesmen explaining William's Haven Bakery and stuff.

All in, it was a fantastic choc banana cake. Gamsia you!

WM - bro-in-law