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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers' Day Celebration

Did a 2 tier Strawberry Sweetie for Techer Joi's Mothers' Day Celebration. She told me that it was a big celebration for 9 mummies and I just wanted them to have a "wow" effect when they see the cake! Happy Mothers' Day to all the wonderful mummies!

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Joi Loo said...

Thank you so much William and Lena for the Fantastic Cake! When I opened the cake to show all the mothers, they were shocked! They did not expect the cake to be so beautiful and what's more, it's a two tier cake! It was indeed a "WOW"! When I saw the cake, I was so touched by the great efforts that were put in to create the delicious cake. I still remembered during the conversation with William.... I told him that I need a cake for Mother's Day Celebration and it's meant for NINE mothers. He asked me which cake would I like to have and I said I would want a special cake. I left the decision to William as I had complete trust in his creativity. You see!!! I was right! The creation was wounderful and share with you a secret... This is the first time we all had a personal two tier cake! Thank you so much! You made the Mothers felt great! And I felt great too because they LOVE it! Standby for more orders!!! HAHAHA!!!!