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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aidan Birthday cake

Did this birthday cake for Aidan's 2nd birthday. Honestly, I'm very grateful for Mummy Bettina's support and encouragement. If not for her, I think I wouldnt have started doing cakes for children party. Time flies and its been a year since I made aidan's 1st birthday cake, also my first children's birthday cake. I had no prior experience to doing it ( I mean, yes, I bake, but its all the generic looking cakes, not something for kids' party) and if not that she had insisted that she wanted me to bake the cake, I wouldnt have embarked on this path at all. I'm just so happy that she gave me the chance to bake a cake again for Aidan's 2nd birthday, with the same theme! Just that this time round, she wanted just a family celebration and had requested it to be simpler. Nevertheless, I like to say a BIG THANK YOu to you again! Thanks!

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bettina said...

dear william, lena and little joy :)

you guys put tears in my eyes when i read this post ...

i too would like to thank you very much for always being so kind . every order since day one has been perfect in craft and in taste and in every way!

we polished off the cake within minutes even though the celebration was so small this time round. and as usual - without surprise - everyone was praising how beautiful and delicious it was and had my sister-in-law asking for your number ... the usual ... haha ... everyone will always ask who i ordered from and i would refer to you as "my family baker" heehee ... it is like you are our family baker like how a family doctor or a family something works ... very very personal and close to the heart. never changing to another person! will stick with you forever!

thank you very very very much once again. i appreciate all your beautiful and most importantly delicious cakes.

now ... what flavour should i order next ? hmmm ... hahaha ... :)

with love,
henry, bettina and little aidan .