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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Jayden Birthday cake

Did this figurine 1 cake over the last weekend for Baby Jayden's 1st birthday. Mummy Josephine wanted a fresh cream with mango fillings and had requested for this Pooh Soapblock racers toys on the cake. This happens to be my last cake toppers, so to everyone out there, I'm sorry but no more okie? Bought these range of toppers/toys a long time ago, but it only got really popular in these 2 mths..nevertheless, i hope that they liked the cake!

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Josephine said...

Hi William, many thanks to manage to have the last cake topper for Jayden. Though he cannot say his thanks yet but I can see that he is enjoying his new toys. The cake is great in terms of design and taste. I am looking forward to order from you again.