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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Joint Birthday Party!

Did a very interesting birthday request over the last weekend. Anna had a joint birthday celebration for her parents and her nephew, Ben. So the ages of the birthday girl and boys are 3, 63 & 69. I really had a big headache for the cake coz anna wanted 2 heartshape cakes, one in chocolate fudge, and the other in mango mousse... plus the ages differennce..hehe.. well, in the end, i just used a bigger cake board to include all the decorations. I hope they liked it!

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The King & Anna said...

Hi William,
Yes its indeed a very special day for us. My hubby birthday's is on the 13th, my nephew's and dad's are on 14th and my mum's birthday is on the 15th. All in the month of June!
Thank you for customizing to our needs. The cakes are yummy & the design are lovely! Very well worth it! Thank you Thank you!